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Cloud Services for Businesses

StormWarden makes it easy for your business to securely migrate and store your data on the cloud.

Do cloud migrations keep you awake at night?

For many years, businesses preferred to have total control over their servers for file sharing and to host applications including email.

These set-ups have costly upkeep of software and equipment upgrades, and also require constant maintenance that imposes on productive office time and space. Most importantly, these set-ups restrict your team to an internal network of computers.

So when we are suddenly urged to work from home, is your business ready?

Work smarter, not harder

Stop relying on untrustworthy and costly local servers and hard drives and take advantage of affordable, scalable solutions that let you keep your business files and operational software in a convenient location for you and your team.

StormWarden provides IT roadmaps, streamlines operations, and connects on-premise solutions to workload-ready systems to pave the way for long-term savings. Our Wardens can also recommend and put in place simple systems that will regularly back up your important business data and keep it safe.

The cloud is now a more viable option for small and medium businesses. StormWarden ensures that your team, data, and privacy are protected on the cloud. Did you know that we also offer complete business IT security too? Talk to us today or choose from our Rescue Plans & Booster Packs.

Why choose StormWarden to provide Cloud Services for your business?

You’ll be amazed at the immediate benefits you’ll see from implementing the right cloud solutions for your business. Moving your data to the cloud will empower your team to collaborate in a way that profoundly changes your business operations for the better. Not all cloud platforms are reliable or affordable. Our Wardens take the hassle out of choosing which is best for your business.

StormWarden at the ready

Get trusted experts to help your business with end to end IT services today