About Us

When cloud technology was in its infancy, very few people realised it would bring about the next industrial revolution and change the way businesses all around the globe operate.​

Our CEO, Aaron Harch recognised two important things at this time: firstly, that there would soon be a lot of businesses that would need to evolve their systems to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape, and secondly that in order to move a business to the cloud safely, most would need expert help. Already possessing a wealth of IT knowledge, Aaron set about learning everything he could about the cloud and soon found that there were many security risks to business that could be mitigated. As his expert cloud and IT services grew in demand, Aaron assembled a team of like-minded professionals with one clear goal – to protect businesses from the risk of cyber-attack and make it easy for them to have the infrastructure and support they need, without having to employ a fulltime IT professional on their team.

We provide the best IT solutions you can get!
At least our customers say so.

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