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Don't fall behind the competition

Choosing the right domain name and extension is imperative to maximising your online presence and ensuring you don’t fall behind the competition.

THE Solution

Register your domain with StormWarden

StormWarden has access to the world’s largest registrar to give you the ability to choose the best domain for your website at affordable prices. Register your existing domain for less, or take advantage of a new and unique domain extension to make your website more personalised to your business.

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More options with more support

Unique and memorable domains help your business stand out amidst the competition.

Along with the endless options of domains comes world-class support from trusted experts.

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Foundation Website
Ensuring fast, easy and secure method of taking donations to power this non-profits important work

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StormWarden - Protecting Your Technology

We think everyone deserves to be protected online. Unfortunately, there are ways for crooked people to exploit the internet for shady purposes and small and medium businesses are very attractive targets.

Our reliable team offers holistic, end-to-end IT management and consistent protection from the internet’s evildoers. We don’t just set up business computers, networks and software. Our Wardens focus on safely setting up your systems to defend your data and give you peace of mind. If you ever need to be rescued from an IT crisis, it’s easy to call on the Wardens anytime for backup.

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