Email Spoofing Protection

Protect your business from threat actors impersonating your email to your customers.

THE Problem

Is someone pretending to be you via email?

Email spoofing is when a threat actor pretends to send an email from your account to a 3rd party.

What is becoming more common is when an email is sent to a business customer asking them to pay an invoice.  Usually, the invoice is a replica of an actual invoice with the account details changed to get the target to pay money into a different bank account.

THE Solution

Ensure your business has enhanced email protection

Modern email platforms such as Office365 and Google Workspace have tools businesses can leverage to limit what people can do to impersonate their corporate emails.

Properly configured, your technology should have implemented a sender policy that identifies which systems are valid when they use your email domain.  Additional security, such as certificates that validate the email server sending the emails as appropriate.

Suppose this sounds too technical for you to implement. In that case, StormWarden can assist by providing a report on the level of security that your email service has and ensuring it has the highest level of protection against spoofing attacks.

What Our Satisfied customers say:

Neighbourhood Watch Australasia engaged StormWarden to assess and report on the effectiveness and robustness of a software product. They provided a technical depth of understanding that we didn’t have within our business, and were easy to work with and quickly understood our requirements on a critical project that we are delivering related to online security. The highly skilled team at StormWarden has given us real peace of mind knowing we have a technical partner with the expertise necessary to support us throughout the project, allowing us to focus on our core strengths.
Maria Bennett

CEO, Neighbourhood Watch Australasia

The personal approach to understanding your technology needs has helped our company to focus on a solution, rather than a short term plan. That’s why we use the Managed Services that StormWarden provides. Flexibility is key in a growing company and with many points of integration between business units, challenges always arise. Identifying the issue and providing solutions has helped us to continue to build a strong platform for our group Internationally.
Gary Martin

CEO, Marque Group

THE Benefits

Prevent cyber threats with Email Spoofing Protection

Our professional IT team can help you reduce the risks of email spoofing from external threats.

From identifying missing security options to assisting in the hardening of defences for your email server, StormWarden will help you enhance your email security.  When linked with our Premium Mail Filtering solution, you can be certain that your email system is ready to defend against malicious hackers.

Premium Mail Filtering

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