Video Conferencing

Enhance productivity and support adaptable work environments with the latest technology by Microsoft Teams

THE Problem

Avoid disruption

Almost every business has experienced significant disruptions to their work environments in recent times. When your employees are forced to work out of the office, maintaining effective communication is key to protecting productivity. Businesses that aren’t able to adapt to flexible working environments are doomed to fail.

THE Solution

Stay connected

StormWarden can manage the implementation of video conferencing capabilities within your business so you can make connections easier. Our Wardens are experts in Microsoft Teams and can unlock a new level of connectedness within and external to your business, no matter the distance. Microsoft Teams presents an extensive suite of communication tools for you to stay connected with staff and reach out to new contacts.

THE Benefits

All your communications in one place

Instant messaging, scheduling, task management, workgroups, video conferencing, and more all in one place. StormWarden ensures your communications are unencumbered and smooth-flowing to safeguard and enhance productivity.

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Video Conferencing?

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