Ransomware Recovery

Getting back from a ransomeware attack

Ransomware Recovery


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About The Client

Ransomware Recovery

SpaceRanger * is an international software development company for the Automotive industry. Their aim is to increase the quality of data that comes from prospects to assist automotive dealerships in the sales process.

SpaceRanger was the target of cybercriminals who infected their machines with a ransomware virus. All staff was not able to open critical business files without a message prompting them to pay a ransom to unlock the files. They needed a way to remove the infection from their machines and prevent it from coming back.

* Our client’s company name has been substituted to protect their privacy.

Our Approach

Fast and effective relief

Using our software tools and services, StormWarden began a Ransomware Recovery process which allowed SpaceRanger to eliminate the threat and the business to get back to focusing on developing.

Now SpaceRanger uses our Ransomware Recovery tools to protect against security breaches that can affect them and now and into the future.

The Results

A fast reliable solution

This solution has helped SpaceRanger avert the immediate danger of losing access to their data and improve their security to lower their risk of additional future threats.

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