Warehouse Parts Platform Upgrade

Upgrading a core system to modernise warehouse operations

ACM Auto Parts




About The Client

ACM Auto Parts

ACM Auto Parts (www.acmautoparts.com.au) offers the largest range of recycled and new automotive parts in Australia. Each automotive part from ACM is dismantled by a team of professionals and then taken through quality control processes, including testing, draining of fluids, and sealing all fluid inlets and outlets. Each part is carefully cleaned and packaged, ready for delivery.

Our Approach

Best practice upgrade without downtime

  • What was needed: ACM has a core system in place to help them in this process (Pinnacle) which was outdated and struggling to perform as the business increased in size.
  • A Pinnacle Upgrade: This meant that ACM was taking advantage of newer technology stabilizing their systems and enabling new features for the overall performance of their ERP.
  • Infrastructure Redesign: Brought redundancy to their operations ensuring greater uptime of a core solution.
  • Cloud-Based Servers: This meant that the speed of Pinnacle increased giving users unprecedented efficiency using the application.

The Results

Better systems with more features

  • No Upfront Costs: By going Cloud, it changed the costs to a steady monthly charge.
  • 80% Increase in Uptime: The System availability has been at record levels.
  • 100% Cloud-Based: No more servers located onsite resulting in a flexible, secure, and reliable solution.
  • Lasting Impacts: The upgrade of the Pinnacle ERP system for ACM Auto Parts has resulted in a superior solution that modernized the features of the platform and introduced speed and reliability. Staff was using the solution throughout the changes in 2020 due to COVID, in particular unprecedented numbers of staff working from home. This was all achieved without disruption to the business and also setting the foundation of further innovations for ACM Auto Parts.
ACM Auto Parts engaged StormWarden to reset the technology scene in our business. They were tasked not only to provide operational support for our staff and infrastructure but also to give value from experts who understand how technology can impact a business. StormWarden has made a positive difference across the entire organisation. I recommend working with them to anyone who wants an IT provider they can rely on.
Campbell Jones

CEO, ACM Auto Parts

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