Warehouse Parts Platform Upgrade

ACM Auto Parts (www.acmautoparts.com.au) offers the largest range of recycled and new automotive parts in Australia. Each automotive part from ACM is dismantled by a team of professionals and then taken through quality control processes, including testing, draining of fluids, and sealing all fluid inlets and outlets. Each part is carefully cleaned and packaged, ready […]

ACM Auto Parts Cloud Upgrade

Cloud Solutions by StormWarden ACM Auto Parts offers the largest range of recycled and new automotive parts in Australia. They previously operated a traditional phone system across multiple sites. This legacy system did not allow for a single consolidated call centre or the ability to implement simple call grouping features.

Marque Group Office365 Migration

Office365 by StormWarden Marque Group provides innovative services and solutions for clients within the automotive landscape; driven by data, intelligent insights and strategic analysis. The implementation of Office365 boosted productivity by allowing teams to work effectively with each other avoiding costly time wastage working on customer projects. Want to learn more? View the full case study […]

How to Avoid the Biggest Threats in IT

The Biggest IT Threats of 2020 – and How to Avoid Them Next Year  2020 has been a year that most people would rather forget. And for IT professionals and Australian businesses, it’s also been a year of turbulence when it comes to cyber security. From malicious attacks to phishing scams and even proposed changes […]

7 Tech Innovations with Aussie Roots

7 Tech Innovations with Aussie Roots For many, Australia Day is a time to fire up the BBQ and celebrate the great nation of Australia. This Australia Day, in the spirit of reflecting on Australia’s history, stories, and achievements, we’d like to take a moment to share some of the impressive technology innovations that have […]