Rescuing SMEs Comes Naturally to StormWarden

Now there’s a new way for businesses to get greater control of their IT budgets

We all know how challenging the COVID-19 restrictions and shutdowns have been for businesses everywhere. Like many of you, it got our team thinking about how we could especially help the small and medium businesses in our communities to stay on their feet.

As everyone braced for the inevitable economic downturn, it was natural for businesses to start seeking more affordable ways to keep the doors open throughout Coronavirus. Most business owners became focused on just keeping the essentials running while cutting back on everything else. So it seemed to us, the obvious solution was to find a way to provide businesses with just the essential IT support they need in a way that gave them complete budget control.

“Rescue and Booster were created as an incredibly easy way for businesses to gain access to professional IT services on-demand, rather than having to enter into a large commitment over a long period of time,” says StormWarden CEO Aaron Harch, “Both services we offer are super agile and as on-demand as possible. People can literally sign up, pay online, and start accessing IT support within minutes.”

Booster packs and Rescue service allow you to save on IT with 2, 10 or 20 hours of professional support available and, at reduced rates on our Rescue monthly subscription, for you and your team to use as you need it most.

If you only need an hour of support, you can book a service online and call up for your hour of support when you have an IT issue. Booster Spark and Ignite allow you to use the support hours in thirty-minute blocks over the period of 30 and 60 days, respectively. The hourly rate drops the more hours you purchase so, Booster Accelerate represents outstanding value for money, billed in fifteen-minute blocks over 60 days, on the already affordable Booster Spark rate.

Rescue and Booster solve so many problems for businesses. There’s never a chance of scope creep or budget blowout, giving you outstanding control of your finances right when it’s vital for many business’ survival. You can give our team a ‘trial’ without making a huge commitment to work with an IT support crew you don’t yet know and trust. Best of all, it’s flexible and agile, which is the way modern business is meant to be.

So, if you need to be saved from massive IT bills, click here to book a service online.

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We think everyone deserves to be protected online. Unfortunately, there are ways for crooked people to exploit the internet for shady purposes and small and medium businesses are very attractive targets.

Our reliable international team offers holistic, end to end IT management and consistent protection from the internet’s evildoers. We don’t just set up business computers, networks and software. Our Wardens focus on safely setting up your systems to defend your data and give you peace of mind. If you ever need to be rescued from an IT crisis, it’s easy to call on the Wardens anytime for backup.

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