IT Troubles? We’re Here For You!

It’s an ordinary workday, walking into your office with coffee in hand. You take a seat at your desk and switch on your computer. The screen stays blank. StormWarden offers end-to-end business IT services that provide you with reliable access to the right support when you need it the most. Our Wardens work around the […]

How to Avoid the Biggest Threats in IT

The Biggest IT Threats of 2020 – and How to Avoid Them Next Year  2020 has been a year that most people would rather forget. And for IT professionals and Australian businesses, it’s also been a year of turbulence when it comes to cyber security. From malicious attacks to phishing scams and even proposed changes […]

The Top 5 IT Challenges for Small Businesses

The Top 5 IT Challenges for Small Businesses It’s true—sometimes technology can be frustrating. If you’ve ever related to the printer smash scene in Office Space or wondered why your calendar won’t sync to all devices, you’re not alone. Below we outline some common IT challenges, how you can fix them, and when you should […]

Are You Overlooking Dark Web Data Breaches?

4 Ways to Become Cyber Security Aware You have clever passwords. You don’t click on suspicious emails. You follow company guidelines to keep your data safe. Is this really enough to protect against cybersecurity breaches and keep confidential information off the dark web? Australia’s Growing Cyber Security Threats Every year, thousands of Australians are affected […]

Protecting Your Privacy

Australian businesses are at risk Since 2019, the Federal Government’s Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has been reporting on an ongoing cyber-attack from a sophisticated foreign operator that is still in progress at the time of writing this article. The hackers aren’t just targeting big businesses and government organisations. Individuals and small businesses are particularly […]

Rescuing SMEs Comes Naturally to StormWarden

Now there’s a new way for businesses to get greater control of their IT budgets We all know how challenging the COVID-19 restrictions and shutdowns have been for businesses everywhere. Like many of you, it got our team thinking about how we could especially help the small and medium businesses in our communities to stay on […]

How to Securely Work from Home

StormWarden’s Top 10 Cybersecurity Tips – Ask Us How! More Australians are now working from home than ever before. The swift uptick in COVID-19 cases and quarantine measures left many businesses scrambling to implement solutions that enabled their teams to effectively collaborate while working from home. Thanks to cloud software and app integrations, many businesses […]

Small Business Data For Sale

6 Reasons Someone Would Buy Your Data on the Dark Web What people say: “My business isn’t very big, hackers aren’t interested in me.” Statistical fact: Small businesses are the target of 43% of all cybercrimes in Australia [1]. The very fact that many smaller businesses have a more relaxed approach to online security makes […]