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6 Reasons Someone Would Buy Your Data on the Dark Web

What people say: “My business isn’t very big, hackers aren’t interested in me.”
Statistical fact: Small businesses are the target of 43% of all cybercrimes in Australia [1].

The very fact that many smaller businesses have a more relaxed approach to online security makes them ideal pickings for cybercriminals. The recent rush for many to move to cloud-based collaborative systems and have staff working from home has further opened opportunities up for cybercriminals to attack.

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If you think your data is of no interest to cybercriminals, you’re wrong. There are auction sites on the dark web specifically selling usernames and passwords, company and identity data. Criminals use ransomware to leverage your own need for your data. Cybercriminals are not just after rich people’s bank account or credit cards details. It’s more complex than that.

Six Reasons Why People Buy Your Data On The Dark Web

1. Send Emails

Not just any email. Spam, phishing or other malevolent emails can be sent from a compromised account.

2. Steal Information

A cybercriminal may wish to install malware – malicious software – on a compromised system to steal usernames, passwords and other data on an ongoing basis.

3. To Own Your Website

They may want to deface your website, place malware on there so visitors inadvertently download it to their systems, or they may want to host other content of their own on your website.

4. Access Other Accounts

It’s pretty common for people to use the same username, email and password for multiple sites. If your login for one has been stolen, someone could be trying to use it to access other accounts too.

5. Access Your Data

Sensitive files, private data, even business-critical files like your customer database could be stolen to on-sell or could be held to ransom until you agree to pay the criminal’s fee.

6. Identity Theft

Identity theft has been around long before the internet. Modern thieves exploit lax internet security to access the data they need.

The good news is there are ways to set up your systems to be more secure and to train yourself and your team in identifying and avoiding security risks. For more great tips to keep your business safe, read Don’t Fall for Phishing or get in touch with the friendly StormWarden team to find out how we can help save your business from internet baddies.

[1] Cyber attacks worsening among Australian businesses, costing the economy $1 billion a year Shannon Williams, 11 Feb 2020.

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