Protect your business and keep your systems secure from future threats

THE Problem

Are you protected from viruses?

Did you know that 50% of small businesses will be targeted by hackers every year?

The most common types of attack install software that allows hackers to remotely control your computer.

THE Solution

Professional Antivirus software

Professional antivirus software offers advanced threat protection, giving defence against newly-formed viruses.  Our solution keeps you protected even from zero-day vulnerabilities that are never before seen threats on the internet.

The robust antivirus features big security implemented in fast scans that keep you safe while allowing you to keep using your computer.

What Our Satisfied customers say:

The personal approach to understanding your technology needs has helped our company to focus on a solution, rather than a short term plan. That’s why we use the Managed Services that StormWarden provides. Flexibility is key in a growing company and with many points of integration between business units, challenges always arise. Identifying the issue and providing solutions has helped us to continue to build a strong platform for our group Internationally.
Gary Martin

CEO, Marque Group

THE Benefits

Get protection from cyber threats

The StormWarden antivirus software allows for peace of mind knowing you’re protected using always-on security that scans potential threats before they become an issue

We offer our solution at affordable prices without long term commitments meaning no lock-ins giving you flexibility when you need it.

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Case Studies

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