Ransomware Protection

Outsmart cybercriminals and easily restore your files up to 72-hours from ransomware attacks

THE Problem

Don't let ransomware hold your business hostage

The increase in ransomware attacks globally over the past six months has been well documented.

In the past year, 44 out of 200 organisations surveyed in Australia had suffered a ransomware attack with the average ransom amounting to $1.25 million.

THE Solution

Outsmart cybercriminals with Ransomware Protection

Our ransomware protection uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to keep you safe online and from emerging threats. Actively block aggressive ransomware from taking over your devices and demanding payment to get your files. Fights threats that traditional antivirus protection can’t stop, our ransomware solution can even override compromised files on Windows up to 72 hours after an attack.

What Our Satisfied customers say:

Neighbourhood Watch Australasia engaged StormWarden to assess and report on the effectiveness and robustness of a software product. They provided a technical depth of understanding that we didn’t have within our business, and were easy to work with and quickly understood our requirements on a critical project that we are delivering related to online security. The highly skilled team at StormWarden has given us real peace of mind knowing we have a technical partner with the expertise necessary to support us throughout the project, allowing us to focus on our core strengths.
Maria Bennett

CEO, Neighbourhood Watch Australasia

THE Benefits

Get protection from cyber threats

With StormWarden’s Ransomware Protection, your business will be well-equipped to defend your sensitive assets against cybercriminals and costly system outages. We help ensure your team knows how to protect sensitive information such as financial data, intellectual property, and identity information.

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